Magura MT7HC
Magura MT7HC

Magura MT7HC

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Magura MT7 HC Disc Brake

The MT7 with 1-finger HC lever stands for maximum braking performance and stability in extreme conditions. In the tough, bike-testing worlds of Enduro and Downhill, the additional braking power of the 4 brake pistons is a positive safety factor. The aluminium, two-finger brake lever with adjustment the necessary ergonomics for perfect brake control, even in difficult terrain and on long downhill runs.

The flagship of performance: MT7 HC Carbotecture® Disc Brake from Magura

The clearly defined bite point and maximum power make it the first choice for gravity pilots. The new 1-finger HC lever blade modulates the enormous braking power as desired.

Adaptable ergonomics The adjustable 1-Finger brake lever – no need for tools – and an adjustable bite point provide the necessary ergonomics for perfect brake control, even in the toughest of terrains.

Award-Winning braking performance The additional braking power of 4 pistons adapted from MAGURA’s motor sport experience gives you the fine control and maximum stability you need on tough Enduro and downhill runs. 
Weight ratio performance Braking power doesn’t need to be heavy. The overall weight is reduced by a Carbotecture SL brake handle bracket and a aluminium lever. These 4-piston brakes stand out thanks to high heat stability achieved through optimised weight distribution. Optimum use of materials exactly where needed.

Features - MT7 HC Disc Brake

  • Carbotecture® SL master and aluminum handlebar clamp
  • Ergonomic 1-finger HC lever blade
  • Toolless reach adjust and BAT Forged 4-piston caliper with Banjo
  • magnetiXchange pistons for easy brake pad replacement
  • Compatible with all MAGURA Storm, Storm HC and Storm SL rotors

Product Features

  • Use: MTB, Enduro, Downhill, Gravity
  • Technical features: Full hydraulic 4-piston floating caliper
  • Pad wear adjustment: Automatic
  • Brake pads: Organic 9.1 Performance (4 Pistons 2 Pads) 8.1 Performance (4 Pistons 4 Single Pads)
  • Hose fitting caliper: RHR - Rotateable hose routing
  • Brake hose: MAGURA disc tube easily shortened
  • Transmission medium: MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Hydraulic system: Open, with expansion chamber
  • Intern. standard mounting (IS): Yes, adaptor
  • Centerlock compatible: Yes, with adaptor
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
  • Feel-Safety-Ergonomic: Yes
  • Dual Docking for trigger shifters: Yes
  • Reach adjust: Yes (with tool)
  • BAT (bite point adjuster): No
  • magnetiXchange: Yes
  • OPD (caliper in one-piece design): Yes
  • Postmount mounting (PM): Yes, direct mount
  • 2-Piece Lever Clamp: Yes
  • Material fitting bolts: Aluminium
  • Brake lever and caliper: Carbotecture SL (Master), Aluminium forged (caliper)
  • Lever blade: Aluminium
  • Hose length: 2200mm (shortable)


  • Black / Mystic Grey Anodized


  • 255g (Manufacturer information)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 MT7 HC Carbotecture® Disc Brake
  • 2 Fastening screws
  • 1 Insertpin
  • 1 Olive
  • 1 Transport safety
  • Disc brake is ready for installation, completely assembled and bleeded!
Rotor and Adapter not included!
Magura MT7HC