The story behind our Company

Welcome to Scoot-A-Long Co.

Scoot-A-Long Co. is a registered company in Singapore that specialises in the design and manufacturing of electric scooters. Our manufacturing factory is based in China with the strictest QC standards put in place and our company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Our team of designers have 15 years of experience in the design and research of electric devices and they are headed by an ex-Foxconn design engineer.  

We only believe in providing GOOD QUALITY products at an affordable price range.

We Ship Worldwide.

We ship to anywhere in the world. Literally, anywhere. As long as your local regulations allow for the usage of electric scooters. It's faster than you think it will take! 

Flexible Payment Methods.

We know it ain't easy to fork out such an amount in a day when you decide to purchase your electric scooter. So, we have came out with a FLEXIBLE in-house cash installment plan for local customers ONLY. Do give us a call at +65 6741 0591 to find out more about our installment plans available!

Making payments through our online website for our international customers has never been easier with our multiple payment methods available. Check-out with PayPal, MasterCard, VISA and other credit/debit cards.

Smart Urban Mobility.

Following our tagline, which is "Smart Urban Mobility", we wish to spread the idea that everyone and anyone, from all walks of life, of any age, can make use of this safe yet eco-friendly E-Mobility device.

We're Expanding.




Trust in our expertise at Scoot-A-Long Co.